Amazon Wholesale BusinessBest Ways to Find Amazon FBA Wholesale Business Suppliers

Best Ways to Find Amazon FBA Wholesale Business Suppliers

Amazon FBA Wholesale Suppliers is a lucrative experience if done right. One of the ways to keep it profitable is via the wholesale business model of Amazon. If you like to be an established and stable seller in the Amazon marketplace, start as a wholesale seller with Amazon FBA as a way to meet your orders.

Yet, one of the challenges of this type of business is finding Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers. There is no need for suppliers, but how can you be sure that you’ve sourced the right one? In this paper, we will learn about the traits of a good wholesale supplier, how to find suppliers, and tips to make a supplier start accomplishing business with you.

Let’s rather have a recap of how Amazon FBA works.

How does Amazon FBA work? 

Amazon offers sellers two options to fulfill orders, and the most popular is FBA, which stands for Fulfilment by Amazon. If you pick this type of fulfillment process, Amazon carries the burden of picking, packing, and shipping your products. It also takes customer service and returns.

Best Ways to Find Amazon FBA Wholesale Business Suppliers

As described by Amazon, here are the steps to get you begun:

  1. Create an Amazon selling account.
  2. Log in to Seller Central to set up FBA.
  3. Create product listings.
  4. Select a listing of FBA products on the Manage Inventory page.
  5. Organize your products for transport to a fulfillment center.
  6. Ship your products to Amazon.

While Amazon assumes care of your fulfillment sorrows, your job is to:

  • Conduct product and keyword research.
  • Create and optimize your ASINs or product listings.
  • Organize and promote your product.
  • Manage the Q&A and assessment section of your product element page.
  • Replenish your stocks.

How can you replenish your inventory?

You have two choices, either retail arbitrage or wholesale. In retail arbitrage, you will buy low-cost products from brick-and-mortar retailers, then resell these things on Amazon at a slightly higher price. Since you are buying from a retail store, you can not buy as multiple as you want.

On the other hand, the wholesale business model lets you purchase overlooked products in bulk from a manufacturer. You can resell these products as individual units on Amazon. Moreover, sourcing your products from wholesalers lets you scan their records to find additional profitable products that you can buy in large amounts. Given that they arrived from the factory, you do not have to worry about replenishing your stock again and again.

Amazon FBA + wholesale seems a promising e-commerce venture. The tough part is to find honest and reputable Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers.

Characteristics of a good wholesale supplier

The right wholesale supplier can assist you to beat the Amazon marketplace and gaining profit. Here are the markers to look for when attempting to find the best Amazon FBA wholesale distributor:

  • Admits their mistake and takes commitment to solving problems.
  • Adept at producing a product always without offering quality.
  • Supports open and straightforward communication.
  • Accepts third-party review.
  • Honest and obeys the rules and regulations.

How to find Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers

Now that you keep an ideal supplier in mind, let’s look at the ways how to source a wholesale supplier down:

1. Google

Open a browser and head to the biggest search engine worldwide, which is Google. A straightforward Google search can give you thousands, if not millions, of search outcomes to discover the right supplier. Will an ordinary search question work? Nope, you must purify your search by using the schemes below to collect pertinent information.

2. Industry trade publications

You just found Google tricks would be useful from here on. Subscribe to every publication that targets wholesalers or distributors in your enterprise. The most straightforward way to do this is to explore the publication’s website. Once you see it, try to subscribe to their online newsletter and blog as well.

Amazon FBA Wholesale Business Suppliers

3. Trade shows

Following these kinds of events fans you up to various possibilities, such as assembling like-minded people and networking. Trade displays are the group of buyers and sellers from different initiatives in one place. You might also have the possibility to connect with big brands or suppliers. Usually, wholesalers present their products on stalls or exhibitions; therefore, you can fit them out.

You do not have to put an arrangement and stay for days or weeks because, in crowds like these, you are already encountering them individually. A face-to-face discussion is much better than cold-emailing them. You’re also talking with the original resource person, thus eliminating false information you might get on the web.

4. Industry associations

Similar to trade shows, an industry association is a standard group where you can associate with business owners of a particular industry. If you get lucky, they might share wholesale supplier referrals with you. This method is suggested to vet sellers with years of experience, and not for beginners. Try the inquiry terms below in Google search:

“[name of the industry]” industry association

“[name of the industry]” industry association in “[location]”

5. LinkedIn

Surprisingly, the world’s largest professional social network platform is a treasure trove of wholesale manufacturers. Log in to your LinkedIn account (or register if you don’t have one) and enter in the search box the terms like:

[name of the industry] manufacturer

[name of the industry] manufacturing

[name of the industry] supplier

[name of the industry] wholesale

[name of the industry] wholesaler

Make sure the distributor’s Linkedin profile is genuine before you hit the “Follow” button. Send them a message to ask for some details but teach yourself first.

6. Private label manufacturers

These are third-party manufacturers who have their customers’ products. Private label works are like outsourcing firms, so don’t be mistaken if you stumble upon a private label manufacturer who is also the actual wholesaler.

7. Jungle Scout

If you like to automate and refine your quest more, there is an online tool called Jungle Scout. Its primary plan offers a component understood as the “Supplier Database,” which is under the “Find Suppliers” menu. You can enter keywords like product name, ASIN, supplier name, or company name. It is ideal for beginners who want to fast-track their search questions. Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database feature does not show middlemen but only vetted and authorized suppliers.

8. Wholesale directories 

Another way of finding trustworthy suppliers is through online wholesale directories. The most famous are Worldwide Brands and SaleHoo.

Worldwide Brands has more than 16 million products on its database. They have contact details of suppliers from different industries across the world. Their list is revised weekly, and you have to pay a one-time fee to get in. It even has a “scam protection” part that veers you away from fraudsters.

Here are other wholesale directory suppliers you may want to try:

  • Liquidation
  • Big Lots
  • Resources
  • The Wholesaler
  • Price Master
  • The Wholesale Forums
  • Tuesday Morning

9. Facebook groups 

It is another social networking site that does not only cater to family and friends but also businesses. First, you have to search for a Facebook group targeting suppliers or manufacturers. Enter key phrases like:

distributors wholesalers traders[name of the industry]

wholesale retail group [name of the industry]

If you like to be more specific, add a location in the search keyword. Confirm that the Facebook group you are joining has a good number of active numbers, and the community is active or publishes posts regularly.

10. Online B2B wholesale websites

B2B wholesale websites act like Amazon, but its customers are retailers and wholesale sellers that want to purchase products in bulk. You do not have to initiate contact with suppliers because it is an online marketplace, and you can buy instantly from these suppliers. Examples are Alibaba, DHgate, Amazon Business, eWorldTrade, and Global Sources.

Amazon FBA Suppliers

How to contact and negotiate with wholesale suppliers

Currently that you have a shortlist of possible Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers, the following step is negotiating with them. Treat this as a job discussion where you need to ensure suppliers that you are worth doing business with.

Come out to them by transmitting an email first. In your email, share the ensuing very:

  • You are a skilled Amazon FBA wholesale seller.
  • You’re running an authentic Amazon wholesale business.
  • You know the ins and outs of the trade.
  • You can deliver on time, at any time.
  • are looking for a long-term collaboration or professional relationship.

Do not send the same email to all the suppliers on the list. Use some email marketing strategies in your copy to win their business.

Yet, your query can be lost in a sea of emails. Call them over the phone or an online call after a week to track up. When you’re talking with suppliers, be professional, and ask the correct questions. You may consult with them the following:

  1. Supplier’s main headquarters
  2. The exact name of the product
  3. Product specifications (size, color, weight)
  4. Product record
  5. Quantity discounts
  6. The lead time of production
  7. Extra fee if the order is fast-tracked
  8. Payment method and schedule
  9. Private labeling opportunities
  10. Shipping options


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